la petite chouette.

Over the past several years, since I began my post-secondary education, I have found my mind constantly expanding to accommodate new ideas. This semester, the professors in two of my classes have challenged me to stop thinking about pre-conceived notions that exist about texts, and just react.

All the blogs and online journals that I have kept over the past decade tend to end up as a series of entries about my personal life. I’d like to start putting my academic skills to use, and forget about my fears of not sounding smart enough, or not having an opinion that reflects the majority. I already have another place where I can write about my daily life; I’d like to start using this space as a collection of ideas rather than of personal events.

I have a Bachelor of Arts with a focus in English Literature, and I am currently on my way to a Master’s in Library and Information Science – if there’s anything I should have learned to do by now, it’s how to critically engage with my environment. I won’t be in school for the rest of my life, but I always want to be learning and assessing my surroundings analytically. And yes, this includes knitting, photography, and the appreciation of a well-cooked meal.


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  1. What happens to the rest?

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