The Sea Captain’s Wife, by Beth Powning.

The Sea Captain's Wife.

The Sea Captain's Wife.

I picked up The Sea Captain’s Wife by Beth Powning purely for the cover and the hint of a mariner’s tale.

I love tales that take place on the high seas, and this was a good enough tale for me to devour in two bedtime readings. It left me with several questions though. No specific questions, really – mostly, I’m curious about the darker side of sailing as a captain’s wife on a ship of men. This novel hinted at something darker, but I wonder how dark it goes, how dark it can get before it becomes a different type of novel. I don’t want to say I question its authenticity, because I recognize that the author must have put a lot of effort and research into making this an authentic tale, but I guess I’m just curious about other kinds of tales involving women on ships. Considering they are unlucky to have around, and considering the superstition involving sailing back in this era, I am unconvinced that they all turned out as well as this particular novel, although there is no doubt that Azuba, the sea captain’s wife, faced her own horrors.

My favourite series at sea involving a female, however, remains the Jacky Faber series by L.A. Meyer. Looks like you can read a large chunk of the first one here on Google Books. Those books, however, have a very different tone than The Sea Captain’s Wife.


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