Holes, by Louis Sachar.

School has been getting the best of me these past few weeks, so I’m going to update about a book that I read recently for class.



I’m a little late on the Holes train. This novel sold itself when I worked at the bookstore, so I never bothered to read it, although I was assured it was very good. It is actually excellent.

Stanley Yelnats is the slightly overweight kid who sometimes gets picked on but shows great qualities as he grows over the course of the story. (Never mind that in the film, he is played by a skinny Shia LeBeouf.) When he is sent to “camp” for something he didn’t do, he finds himself accompanied by several other young boys digging holes. Lots and lots of holes, out in the desert. Over the course of the story, we find out why. In addition to Stanley’s story, we also get a wild west kind of tale, and amidst the adventure and funny bits, there is an underlying theme of racial tension.

The friendship between Stanley and Zero is so heartwarming. Their friendship becomes part of the bigger story, but they really are just two kids from two completely different backgrounds who find solidarity in trying not to let the camp, and the Warden, defeat them.

I absolutely loved this book. I would like my own copy for future rereads.


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