Indian-Style Yoghurt Chicken.

A friend of mine had an idea to post pictures of her dinner every day for one week, with the idea that this will motivate her to eat healthier, and more cheaply and efficiently. While cost does play a role in my grocery shopping, eating healthy is probably most important to me right now. Efficiency is not such a big deal for me – I really enjoy the process of cooking, although I would prefer quick meals on days when I’m busy.

I’ll try to gather a week’s worth of dinners, but I wanted to kick it off with a photo of tonight’s meal.

Indian-Style Yoghurt Chicken

  • Indian-Style Yoghurt Chicken from Kayotic Kitchen
  • Wild rice from a Sidekicks package
  • Mixed arugula salad with sun-dried tomato pesto dressing (Kraft)
  • The chicken recipe is really fantastic. The Kayotic Kitchen blog has yet to let me down. I already had most of the ingredients when I first saw the recipe this morning on my Google Reader, so I decided to go for it. I bought a carton of Liberté Méditerranée yoghurt, which is incredibly thick and rich, perfect for marinating the chicken. Mixed with the tandoori spices, the chicken was absolutely delicious and very flavourful.

    I can guarantee the rest of my dinners this week won’t be as great as this one.


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