I’ve just returned from a small road trip with Corey – we visited some of the Eastern Townships and Montreal in Quebec to see some of his family this past week. It was my first time in Quebec! In the Eastern Townships we mainly saw Lennoxville, which is a borough of Sherbrooke. We also spent some time in Magog, which is a touristy riverside town, and drove around the countryside, passing by Sainte-Catherine-de-Hatley. One of Corey’s relatives lives outside of Sherbrooke, so we slept there. I must not have slept out in the country for a long time, because I couldn’t get over how dark it was.

Country life.

We spent part of Thursday in Montreal, visiting with an old friend of Corey’s. I had the best pastry of my life that morning. The weather took a turn for the worse with a massive thunder and lightning storm so we figured it was best to spend our sightseeing indoors. Corey’s friend lives very close to the Biodome, so we went there and admired all the wildlife, although they’re not in the wild anymore.

Birds in love.

Finally, for my sole purpose of going to Montreal in the first place, we went and had poutine at a popular place called La Banquise. It is a 24-hour poutine restaurant. Such a concept sounds absurdly wonderful. Corey ordered a large classic and I ordered a regular Trois Viandes (Three Meats).

Poutine at La Banquise.

It really did taste like the “real” poutine that everyone keeps telling me about – the cheese curds squeaked and the gravy was perfect. It was incredibly filling though; I made a dent in mine but had to leave a lot behind. Next time, I’ll just stick with the classic.

This was my first visit to Montreal, and I didn’t at all expect to see so many European style apartment buildings. Lots of three-storey buildings with the entrances on the outside, accessible by spiraling staircases. Most apartments that I’ve seen in Vancouver and London are apartment buildings, with one main entrance that you have to buzz in to enter. I like the Montreal style apartments, where most people still have their front door connected to the outside world instead of a hallway.

We also visited a shop called Planete BD, which sold French comics. Corey bought a French TinTin for me to practise my French.

On our drive home yesterday we hit up the Hockey Hall of Fame in Toronto. This was, of course, mainly for Corey’s benefit, although I also thought it was pretty interesting. We got home just in time to see the thunder and lightning storm from our window instead of on the highway, but the drive outside of Toronto on a Friday afternoon was excruciatingly long. Term starts tomorrow and I don’t have classes until Wednesday, so I’ve been lounging about, watching movies, and playing with my brand new Kindle. Review to come!


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