Wedding & Vancouver.

I just got back from six days in British Columbia, spending some time at Strathcona Lodge for Michael’s wedding and Vancouver to see friends.

Michael gets married.

The wedding was amazing. The setting, the ceremony, the people – it was a great weekend in Strathcona Park. The bride, maid of honour, and bridesmaids (including myself) were rowed up to the ceremony in a war canoe. Pretty fantastic. I was nervous about my speech at the reception, but it went pretty well. All in all, the entire wedding weekend was a huge success, and now my best friend from high school is married!

I spent two more nights in Vancouver catching up with some old friends, running some errands, and eating some amazing food. I even tried some new restaurants (The Whip, Italian Kitchen) and some old favourites (Las Margaritas, Sandbar, dim sum at Floata).

Although I had an incredible time back in BC, it felt great coming back to Corey in London. Home is where the heart is.


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