Reintroduction to Makeup.

As a bridesmaid this past weekend, a friend of the bride’s did my eyeshadow for me because I was absolutely hopeless at it. I haven’t worn eyeshadow in a few years, and even when I did I’ve only ever put on one colour – with eyeliner, if I was feeling up to it. Since the wedding, I’ve splurged on some eyeshadow and eyeliner items from Sephora (specifically Urban Decay and Kat Von D), and it’s got me thinking about the idea of makeup in general.

As a child and teenager, I went through several periods of wanting to wear makeup so I looked older and prettier, thanks to the media. I wore darker eyeshadow (although nothing dramatic) during my years at university because I thought it looked cool, whatever that meant. I stopped wearing eye makeup altogether a few years ago and started thinking that women shouldn’t wear makeup because it is totally unnecessary.

Now, after I’ve dabbled in eyeshadow again, I realize why I wore it in the first place. It’s fun! It’s just like painting, but on your eyes! And you can change it everyday!

Seriously though, think about the different ways in which people aesthetically alter their body. I can come up with: tattoos, piercings, plastic surgery, and makeup. The only thing is, makeup is very temporary compared to the other three, and maybe that’s why some people are so attracted to it. Sometimes it feels nice to be different, and makeup gives people the versatility to change their appearance from day to day. And you can’t deny that humans have been interested in aesthetic appearances for thousands of years now, whether through clothing, permanent body alteration, or something else.

Also, many people don’t realize how artistic makeup can be. It’s like painting – colours are blended, different brushes are used, and you can even examine the pigmentation of the palettes. You can use cheap brands or you can pay more and get vivid colours and better quality, like this lovely Kat Von D palette:

Kat Von D's True Love Palette.

Don’t think about it as makeup for a moment, and just consider the colours. They are pretty stunning, and they all compliment each other nicely. How fun would it be to play with this every day?

There are definitely people out there who wear makeup for the wrong reasons. I hope I never become the type of person who can’t leave the house without makeup on. I don’t want to wear colourful makeup everyday, although I do wear powder every day because it makes my skin look more even. But I am fully capable of leaving the house without it.

I don’t want to wear makeup because I believe it makes me more beautiful. For me, it’s just a fun little thing where you can use some artistic skills and play with colours when you’re feeling up to it. I will always go for subtlety when it comes to makeup. And if you have oily skin like me, you can tone it down with powder so you’re not blinding people with your forehead. There you go, I’m doing good for humankind.


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