Joan makes Sashiko Pillows.

I actually finished a crafting project today! Yes, I started it several months ago, but thanks to the new sewing machine I finished it this afternoon.

My new Pfaff sewing machine is named Joan, by the way, in honour of this fantastic character from Mad Men:

Joan Holloway: smart, feisty, and has great taste.

So I first saw these sashiko pillows on The Purl Bee blog. Sashiko is decorative Japanese embroidery, usually done as white thread on blue cloth. This sashiko pillow is bright and colourful, and I was immediately drawn to the colours and the pattern, so I ordered two of the same pattern to embroider on my own. I just bought the thread and cloth at Fabricland, so the colours don’t match up exactly. (Plus, the photo on that page is very vibrant – it makes my pillows pale in comparison!) These are 14″ pillow forms.

Sashiko pillows.

I’m glad I made two of them. I absolutely love them! They just add a splash of colour but I still feel like they are subtle, because all the colours are against a white background. I love picking out the colour patterns in the stitching.


One response to “Joan makes Sashiko Pillows.

  1. First off, I love that your sewing machine is named Joan. Love!!

    And the pillows are gorgeous. =)

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