Biking Upgrades.

I’ve never really been comfortable on a bike, considering I only learned how to ride one about four or five years ago, and rode maybe two or three times a year since. I had never biked on a busy road, only neighbourhood streets. When we moved to London, we got rid of my old bike which seemed large and clunky compared to the new purple bike I bought when we arrived in London.

Unfortunately, London is not very conducive to cycling. Our apartment building was surrounded on all sides by busy roads, so it was tough to really get anywhere, and I ended up taking my bike out only a few times which was very dejecting.

Finally, here in Ottawa, we live in a lovely neighbourhood full of quiet side streets. We went out last week so I could get used to being on a bike again, just going around the neighbourhood. Then yesterday, we rode almost to Quebec! That sounds more impressive than it really is, as it’s about a 10 minute bike ride to get across the bridge leading to Gatineau, probably 5 minutes for other cyclists as I go really, really slow. We had to go along a very busy road but there were comfortably wide bike lanes so I was fine. At first I was nervous with all the traffic, but I just got used to it after a few minutes.

Corey skipping stones into the Ottawa River.

Ottawa River and Gatineau in the background.

To celebrate my cycling abilities, we biked to Mountain Equipment Co-op afterwards and I got some proper gear, including a pair of biking gloves as a present from Corey. I haven’t been to MEC in over a year, so it was great being back in there.

We also went to The Works before biking home. The Works is a great Ottawa burger joint that has dozens and dozens of delicious burgers on their menu. Their water comes in giant measuring cups and they have lightbulb salt and pepper shakers.

The Works.

All in all, yesterday was a good and active day in Ottawa.


2 responses to “Biking Upgrades.

  1. Good for you, cycling is actually a great and quick way to get around town. If you want to know more about cycling, check out the website of There are lots of tips how to cycle safe and comfortable.

    Urban Commuter

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