Sewing Treasures.

Well, I started full-time work today, so while I adjust to a 9-5 mentality I don’t think I’ll be as productive with knitting and sewing as I would like. As I was unpacking a few nights ago though, I found a bag of my mom’s old sewing supplies that she gave to me before my parents moved back to Thailand. I had to discard the box they came in, as it was broken and I couldn’t carry it across Canada, so hopefully I can find a more permanent home for them soon that isn’t a grocery bag. These items have been stored at the bottom of a box that we didn’t unpack in London because they didn’t contain items I would need over the year, so it’s nice to see them again after so long.

It’s really lovely having my mom’s sewing things. Not only does it remind me of her while she’s halfway across the globe, but it’s great having her collection of supplies to add to as I develop my own sewing skills, rather than starting from scratch.

The best part of this find, by far, are the sewing shears. I had to cut the fabric for our sofa cover using regular scissors. It was not fun. These sewing shears are so smooth and still work perfectly after several years.

One of my greater finds this week, in a box that I packed over a year ago and hadn’t opened until we got to Ottawa, was my sushi bracelet:

Glass sushi.

I really thought I had lost this bracelet. The clasp isn’t closing properly, so more than once it’s slipped off my wrist and luckily I’ve noticed. I don’t know why I would pack this bracelet into a box that I didn’t want to open for a year, so I assumed it had fallen off my wrist one day and was lost. Little did I know, it was sitting and waiting for me in my own home! This bracelet and I have been through a lot. My dad made it for me (he is a glass-blower). I wore this bracelet daily for several years. I snagged it on my coat on the streets of Lille, France in front of a nightclub and managed to save three of the beads in the dark… and I found the rest the following morning wedged between the cobblestones on the street. I am thrilled to have it back now, after feeling quite strange without it for over a year. .


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