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Fall Colours in Gatineau Park.

It’s autumn, and that means lots of photos of trees in their glorious transitions. I particularly love this one that I took last week. I used the colour filter feature on my camera and highlighted the orange leaves. Then on my computer I increased the contrast and saturation levels to maximum.

I’m still not used to fall colours being so vibrant, as being from British Columbia means that I see more evergreens than anything else. There’s beauty in both views, but I am really enjoying autumn in Ontario (and Quebec). On Thanksgiving Monday, Corey and I went for a walk in the woods at Parc de la Gatineau just over the river. It was incredibly busy and all the parking lots were completely full, so we didn’t get to do a tranquil hike, but we did walk two trails and admire the view from some lookout points.

I have some more photos on my Flickr:


Lady Grey.

I’ve finished the Lady Grey coat by Colette Patterns.

I’m very proud of it. It is definitely the most complex item I’ve ever sewn without my mom’s supervision! It actually wasn’t that difficult. I was nervous going into it, since I haven’t sewn anything complicated since I was a teenager. Luckily, all the skills that my mom taught me when I was younger stayed in my brain, and I was able to count on muscle memory to make this coat.

Lady Grey.

I didn’t make any modifications. When I tried on the muslin, it fit quite well, so I stuck with the size 8 and hoped for the best. The material was just purchased from Fabricland. The original plan was to order some fabric online from all the cute and amazing fabric shops that exist on the internet… but I had a hard time envisioning the look and feel of a fabric just from a description of the material.

The lining is so lovely and bright. I bought hot pink lining and this bright blue lining. I think the pink would have looked great too, but the blue is a little more suited to my preferred colour schemes. I’ll save the pink to line something else.

Blue lining.

You may notice it’s missing a button. I haven’t sewn a buttonhole before so I want to practise using the same material and seeing how it looks. I find that learning new crafting skills is fun until it is necessary that you get it right, otherwise you could end up ruining the whole thing. When there’s crafting pressure, I tend to stop what I’m doing and start working on something else!

I’ve just been wearing this coat with the belt. It gapes a bit in the front collar but not enough to really bother me. And once the button goes on, it should tighten the fit.

I’ve taken up cross-stitching – an activity I haven’t done for well over ten years. Again, I have my muscle memory and my mother to thank.