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Knitting for Charity.

I discovered last week that one of my colleagues founded the Ottawa chapter of a charity organization. They create baskets filled with household and personal items for women who are beginning new lives after leaving abusive homes.

One store contributed several balls of yarn as a donation, but the organizers weren’t sure if it was a good idea to distribute the yarn since it’s not a guarantee that these women will know how to knit, or if they’ll even have proper supplies to do so.

That’s where I come in! My colleague asked me if I would be willing to use the yarn to knit scarves for the women, and I am happy to do so. I’ve been wanting to use my knitting skills for good (as I often tend to knit items only for myself).

All of balls of yarn are singles. There are only about four or five different kinds of yarn in the bag, but all the colourways are different from ball to ball. I’ll have to get creative. I think I’ll try to stretch each ball of yarn for one scarf (or two to one, for the particularly small ones). I ended up buying two giant balls of yarn from Michaels, one black and one cream, so I will be using them to buff out the scarves.

This will keep me busy all winter!


Noro Striped Scarf.

Jared Flood made this scarf popular on his Brooklyn Tweed blog. I loved the idea when I first saw it, but couldn’t really justify spending over $40 for yarn to make a scarf.

Luckily, this past summer, the yarn shop by Corey’s workplace in London was having a 50% off everything closing sale, including several skeins of Noro.


Noro Striped Scarf.

It’s a 1×1 ribbed scarf so I never needed to look off a pattern to knit. This means I worked on it during lunch hours at work, Survivor nights, and general lounging around the house watching TV.

I definitely have a love-hate relationship with Noro. The colours are amazing. They are so vibrant, bright, and lively… but every so often, when you knit with Noro, you come across the dreaded KNOT. You realize that the original yarn had broken at some point, so Noro has just tied it back together but to a different colour. It completely disrupts your colour pattern, and the gorgeous colour pattern is why I buy Noro in the first place. The colour shifts are excellently done, but not when you have such a drastic change from, say, hot pink to forest green without warning.

Luckily, when it happened to me for this scarf, the secondary stripes took away from the drastic colour change, and the untrained probably wouldn’t notice it unless they looked really closely.


Well, we are a significant chunk of the way into November and I haven’t updated since mid-October. I’ve been keeping busy, but not really. I’ve been knitting, but I haven’t finished anything. (My Manu is so close to being finished, and I’m about 3/4 done a Noro striped scarf.) I’ve been reading but so far all I’ve come up with is a goal to read more in bed before I fall asleep (rather than playing on my computer). I’ve been reading The Shadow of the Wind by Carlos Ruiz Zaf√≥n on the bus in the mornings but it’s starting to get really good so I plan to curl up with it in bed tonight. Last night I played squash for the first time with Corey and now my muscles hurt. I went on a tour of the Supreme Court last week, Ottawa Public Library this week, and the Canadian Museum of Civilization next week.

I do want to share one lovely October memory though. For Hallowe’en, Corey and I went to some friends’ Hallowe’en party. We brought graveyard brownies:

Graveyard brownies.

Corey even dug up a little chocolate grave and stuffed some gummy bears inside.

As well, I took a three hour wheel spinning class one evening and ended up with this:

I would love to have a spinning wheel at home to speed things up but they have a high pricetag on them… I might look for a secondhand one on Ebay or Kijiji in the area, but at the moment, I’ll have to contend with my drop spindle (which might explain why I haven’t been doing any spinning lately).

Photos to come on my next finished knitting project… whatever that may be!