Well, we are a significant chunk of the way into November and I haven’t updated since mid-October. I’ve been keeping busy, but not really. I’ve been knitting, but I haven’t finished anything. (My Manu is so close to being finished, and I’m about 3/4 done a Noro striped scarf.) I’ve been reading but so far all I’ve come up with is a goal to read more in bed before I fall asleep (rather than playing on my computer). I’ve been reading The Shadow of the Wind by Carlos Ruiz Zafón on the bus in the mornings but it’s starting to get really good so I plan to curl up with it in bed tonight. Last night I played squash for the first time with Corey and now my muscles hurt. I went on a tour of the Supreme Court last week, Ottawa Public Library this week, and the Canadian Museum of Civilization next week.

I do want to share one lovely October memory though. For Hallowe’en, Corey and I went to some friends’ Hallowe’en party. We brought graveyard brownies:

Graveyard brownies.

Corey even dug up a little chocolate grave and stuffed some gummy bears inside.

As well, I took a three hour wheel spinning class one evening and ended up with this:

I would love to have a spinning wheel at home to speed things up but they have a high pricetag on them… I might look for a secondhand one on Ebay or Kijiji in the area, but at the moment, I’ll have to contend with my drop spindle (which might explain why I haven’t been doing any spinning lately).

Photos to come on my next finished knitting project… whatever that may be!


One response to “November.

  1. Hello! I love the “fresh” grave. in the brownies! It looks extra delicious.

    I miss you!

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