Weekend in Quebec City, and also…

This past weekend, Corey and I drove up to Quebec City to celebrate our three year anniversary… and came home engaged! It was all planned and we decided to propose to each other. It was very important to me that we ask each other, and that he has something to show for the engagement as well. We’ve decided not to go with an engagement ring, so we got our wedding bands in advance and will wear them on chains around our necks until we are actually married. I’ll post photos of the bands soon, as I absolutely love them.

Quebec City was very beautiful. It is said to be the most European city in Canada, and I think that is certainly true. We stayed in Vieux Quebec, with cobblestone streets and gorgeous old stone buildings and little alleyways. Example:

We went to the Museum of Civilization, saw some interesting exhibits, walked around town, and took the funicular. We ate crepes after our long morning, and for dinner we went to a restaurant called 1640:

The food was great, dinner was lovely, and we got back to the hotel in time for Corey’s proposal to me – an inundation of text messages on my phone from various family and friends asking me to marry Corey. I’m quite glad he took care of all the announcing, as it takes some of the pressure off having to tell all your loved ones in person or on the phone. And it made me absolutely beam with joy to receive so many texts (over thirty at once!) from so many people around the world – Ottawa, Vancouver, Saskatoon, Portland, Seattle, New Zealand, Australia, etc. Even my parents texted from Thailand. And we had a couple stragglers, which made it even more fun. (“Gemini, will you marry Corey 20 minutes ago?”)

I am very giddy – although it doesn’t show well, because I also seem to be getting a cold. But there is giddiness beneath my pallid exterior.


2 responses to “Weekend in Quebec City, and also…

  1. Congrats, Gem, I’m so happy for you two!! =D

  2. Congratulations! Quebec City is a beautiful place for a celebration 🙂

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