Birthday sweets.

It was my birthday last week. It wasn’t a particularly exciting day, but Corey made me a delicious Korean dinner (at my request) and he even got me these adorable treats from T&T (the monster of Asian supermarkets). The cute little bear-faced treats are actually small cakes, and the pink and yellow tubes are a long tube of cake, with some cream, and the outside is some sort of doughy goodness that is common in Chinese sweets.

T&T birthday treats.

In return, I made cupcakes for Corey’s birthday five days later. I used the Flower Cupcakes from Smitten Kitchen along with the Chocolate Sour Cream Frosting from Smitten Kitchen’s best birthday cake/icing duo. The cupcakes were very good – perfectly moist with a light, mildly sweet flavour. The chocolate icing was good but I recommend halving the recipe for cupcakes – as I used less than half and now have a ton of chocolate sour cream icing sitting in the fridge. I guess this is not necessarily a bad thing.

birthday cupcakes.

I also made a no-bake cheesecake with cherry topping, but unfortunately I have no photos of that one…

It is HOT in Ontario. Apparently we are breaking some heat records. I turned on the air conditioner as soon as I got home from French class today. There was a massive thunderstorm so I thought maybe it broke the humidity and I could turn off the A/C as I hate wasting energy on it, but the air is still very warm and I greatly regret my energy-saving decision. This cold raspberry beer isn’t even helping.

In other news, I have a part-time job at a local children’s bookstore! I am thrilled to be back in the world of children’s literature. Actually, as a bookseller and aspiring librarian, I am thinking of starting a book review blog for children’s books and YA books. I’m still working out what I’d like to do with a blog like that – my biggest decision right now is whether to keep the children’s reads as a separate blog from the YA reads. I also need to figure out my audience (professionals in the field, or people who just like to read?). Hopefully that can launch soon once I work out the details. I might even just start a book blog for all books I read, just for myself, regardless of genre or targeted age group.

And now, I will melt into the couch with my beer and continue watching Game 4 of the Stanley Cup Finals.


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