Drawing Nature, Boundless.

I ordered myself a copy of Drawing Nature by Jill Bliss and it arrived as I was away camping last week! (Camping was great, I have no upper arm strength for canoeing, and we got rained out on our second last day but it was lovely canoeing back in the mist.)

Drawing Nature is essentially a tutorial sketchbook; there are some pages about drawing at the beginning with a couple of beginner tutorials, but about 85% of the book is a sketchbook with a helpful hint or suggestion on every second page. It’s beautiful; I love Jill Bliss’ work and I can’t wait to use it. If I lived in Oregon, I would love to take her drawing workshops.

The new Twist Collective also came out recently and I am determined to knit Boundless.

Image from Twist Collective.

It’s really cute. It’s something that I have never worn but wish it were part of my style. I love that shade of green but I’m tempted to make it red, although I’ve already got a red riding hood style coat in the making… I’ll see what my local yarn shop has.


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