I am ready to put away my Pas de Valse cardigan for a very long time, possibly forever. It just wasn’t working out. I’m not sure if my gauge was off or if I didn’t size it correctly, but the body of the sweater is about a size or two smaller than I’d prefer. It doesn’t seem to flow or drape at all. The stockinette is so open from using larger needles that weaving in ends invisibly seems impossible. It also makes my short rows very obvious and it was difficult to hide the kitchener stitch. All these things combined made me really dislike knitting it, so when Corey suggested I put it away I decided to listen to him. It’s hibernating in a box now.

I started the Boundless cape two days ago, and have been enjoying it immensely. Cables! Texture! Bulky yarn!

I’ve tried out another quinoa recipe as well, Heather’s Quinoa Recipe from 101 Cookbooks. It was delicious! Love the combination of flavours: pesto, roasted cherry tomatoes, pumpkin seeds… The tomatoes were roasted with olive oil and brown sugar before tossing them in the salad. I will definitely be making this again. I paired it with some prawns we had in the freezer, marinated in garlic and Korean ssamjang sauce.


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