WIP: Audrey in Unst, and a terrarium sneak peek.

After finishing my Kirigami, I almost immediately began casting on for the Audrey in Unst by Gudron Johnston. (Yet another pattern from Twist Collective.)

I’ve just finished several rows of 1×1 rib.

1×1 rib is not my favourite thing to do, but it looks so good! I love the colour too – it’s Chickadee in the Peaks Ferry colourway from Quince & Co. It’s so soft and sproingy.

I have to confess something, though. Let’s pull back a bit so I can show it to you.

I was so excited to start knitting with my Quince & Co. wool for the first time, and to finally start this cardigan, that I didn’t even wind up my first ball of yarn. That’s right, I started knitting straight from the hank. Not to worry, I’ll be winding the rest so I can actually bring my project to knit night. Another confession: I knit most of this 1×1 rib while marathoning the show Breakout Kings on Netflix. It’s not my usual style of tv that I enjoy, but I’m hooked.

One other thing I did earlier this week is make a few terrariums. After seeing so many beautiful terrariums on Pinterest, I wanted to make my own. Here’s a little preview.

Ninja is excited about having a place to call home.

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5 responses to “WIP: Audrey in Unst, and a terrarium sneak peek.

  1. I have this pattern too, but I don’t think I will knit it for awhile. It does look very good in red. Let us know how it goes!

  2. That is such a pretty color and your 1×1 ribbing is so even looking. I recently finished a shawl using chickadee and totally agree with you on what a great yarn it is.

  3. wow, you knit from the hank! I’d be terrified that it’d become a snarled mess. Lovely, lovely colour!

  4. 😀 If I tried to knit from the hank, I’d end up with a tangled mess!

  5. Wow, I’m amazed that you knit straight from the hank and kept it all so neat! That’s definitely some kind of superpower 😛 If I’d even attempted something like that I’d just end up with a huge mess of very tangled pretty yarn and a whole lot of swearing!

    It looks fantastic though, that’s going to be one beautiful sweater.

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