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Back from BC and SK.

I’ve recently taken two weeks to visit Saltspring Island in B.C. for a wedding, Nanaimo for play-time with my friend’s newborn baby, Vancouver for some intense games of Settlers of Catan and knitting and excellent food, Saskatoon for dinner with my future mother-in-law, and Lac La Ronge Provincial in northern Saskatchewan where Corey and I saw two bears and went fishing.

please ignore the smudges in the photo.

It was my first time fishing. I went out with Corey at 6am and we each caught two fish. Went back later in the evening with Corey’s youngest brother and I caught two more. I am now a pro, or a specialist as it says on the new fishing rod that Corey bought for me.

We stayed at a cabin in Lac La Ronge that belonged to Corey’s dad’s family. It slept six of us and it was the only cabin on the little island in the big lake. How lovely!

In the photo above, I’m working on the Pas de Valse cardigan. I got back into knitting on the trip, thanks to being around one of my dearest friends who is also a knitter in vancouver.

In fact, once we got home, we decided to make a small IKEA trip to get some new things for our home, since we plan to stay here a little bit longer. We came home with this:

knitting shrine.

It’s also a shrine to my friend, apparently, because she also took that graffiti photo, made/sent those cards, shares the same Nancy Pearl librarian figurine, and is in the photo with me which was taken during our trip to Portugal.

We also bought a ton of picture frames, and even got one for our Scott Pilgrim cartoon poster. Since we have decided to stay for at least another year in our current apartment suite, we decided to put more effort into actually decorating our place, rather than just slapping things up on the walls here and there.

In other news, I have started up a book blog called Little Owl Reads. I debated for a very long time whether to do a YA book blog or an adult book blog, but decided to just talk about books that I read, in order, because that’s probably easiest for me right now. Never mind the fact that I just started part-time work at a local children’s bookstore. I love YA fic and there are so many amazing YA blogs out there that I wanted to start one too, but realistically I could never read that much YA because I love adult fic too. So my blog will have a mix of the two. A good friend of mine from library school bought the domain for me as a gift!


Bruce Peninsula & Flowerpot Island 2010.

Corey and I spent two nights camping on the Bruce Peninsula earlier this week, specifically at the Cyprus Lake campground within Bruce Peninsula National Park. I picked a site at random when I made the reservation online, and it ended up being perfect: a stone’s throw away from Cyprus Lake, quiet, and the site that was closest to an observation deck on the lake. It was gorgeous!

A large portion of the Cyprus Lake trail was right beside the water.

We arrived in the middle of the thunderstorm, which dampened our spirits (heehee), but the rain stopped, the clouds parted, and we had beautiful (although sometimes windy) weather for the rest of our trip.

We did a 5.2km hike around Cyprus Lake on the first day and visited Tobermory, the teensy lakesade town at the tip of the peninsula. On the second day we visited the Grotto, even though we (and several other people) couldn’t find it at first. Finally, a local brought us into the Grotto, and we had to do a tricky, perilous descent into the cave. There was a different route to exit, and we had to squeeze through a hole in the middle of the rock. Before we left the area on the third day, we took a boat ride to Flowerpot Island in the Fathom Five National Marine Park where we hiked all the trails, visited the lighthouse, and had lunch by the shore.

Admiring Georgian Bay on the Bruce Trail.

View from the Loop Trail on Flowerpot Island. Look at that colour!

I truly miss the beauty of British Columbia’s rugged coast, so this trip was really good for the soul. Being a West Coaster, I never realized that the Great Lakes are enormous. Bruce Peninsula is bordered by Lake Huron to the west and Georgian Bay to the east. I had to continually remind myself that I wasn’t looking at the ocean. It was strange to think that all that water was fresh and not salty. Hiking over rocks and dirt, taking photos, and admiring the waves and the turquoise colour of the water… Amazing!

If you’re interested, you can find the rest of my photos on Flickr.