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FO Friday: Kirigami

I’ve finished the Kirigami sweater! I used just over 2 skeins each of Cascade 220 in light brown and mustard yellow. (I love their mustard yellow colourway and can imagine myself knitting many sweaters with it!)

My bestest knitting friend, and my maid of honour come August, knit one as well. Since we now live in separate provinces (she in B.C., me in Ontario), we came up with a project called “k2tog” where we knit the same items at the same time so that we can at least feel that we’re knitting together, as I miss our knit nights together very much! Her kirigami is lovely.

That’s my puppy photobombing the pictures. She was just spayed a week ago and is recovering marvelously. She is thrilled to no longer be wearing her cone.

Here’s a closer look at the wool and buttons. I’m afraid the buttons are too small, so if the buttons pop often I will have to replace them. So far they’ve been okay.

This sweater construction is the most interesting I’ve worked with so far. It’s knit in a flat rectangle, then stitches are placed aside for your sleeves. You pick up all the stitches on the side of the rectangle, and that becomes your body. I love the stripes too, made more subtle by being one-row stripes (made only possible in knitting flat by working on a circular needle and pushing your stitches back to the beginning to work your next colour before turning).

Picking up the stitches was difficult for the body. Mine doesn’t look nearly as smooth as the sample in the pattern photo. I should have slipped those stitches so they’d be easier to see and count.

Find other finished objects at Tami’s Amis!



One reason I haven’t posted for several weeks now is because of this little monster:

She doesn’t really look like a monster in that photo, but she can be when she’s awake at 6:30am and ready for a biting match.

Corey and I have had Sadie for almost four weeks now. We got her at eight weeks old, when she was a bit pudgier:

But she’s already lost a bit of her puppy fat and is getting leaner. Her mother is an Australian Cattle Dog (also known as a Blue Heeler) and her father is a black Lab Retriever. I can’t wait to see what she looks like as she grows, because it doesn’t seem to be a common mix. It could get intense though – she’s going to have a lot of energy and will need a lot of exercise. The Blue Heeler in her will probably want to nip at our heels even as an adult. But she is also lovely and I love her and I want to play with her all the time (except for when she bites me). The hardest part is that I want her to cuddle with me on the couch but she’s not allowed on yet… even though I find her asleep on the couch when I get out from the shower.

A leaf-eating photo from Gatineau Park:

I knit when she’s asleep. Expect some photos to come…