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Winterlude already?

Well, I can think of one reason why I don’t update my blog as often as I used to. I haven’t been knitting as much lately, and I know the exact reason why. I posted earlier this winter about knitting for charity, but it’s been rough to start that project and get going. Winter is going to end soon (not soon enough!) so I really want to finish the knitting, but it’s very difficult finding patterns that will accomodate the type of yarns that were provided. They are all very fun and colourful, but there aren’t enough skeins of yarn in each colour to make anything, really. It’s been a bit dejecting, so I haven’t been putting as much effort as I’d like into the project, since I’ve had to start the project so many times and then take it all apart as I realize that it’s not going to work the way I wanted it to. And I fully believe that knitting for charity doesn’t mean that I get to cut corners with the quality of my work.

So I’ll have to start posting about things other than knitting, I guess!

I’ve started an introductory drawing course – just a local community course. I love it so far. It’s on Monday evenings for two and a half hours, and I like having that time set aside for me to just draw whatever I like. Well, our instructor gives us some guidelines but the general rule is that if we don’t want to draw what she’s drawing in the class, we can work on anything we like. I really enjoy that freedom, as we started last class with a picture of a cat and since they are far from my favourite animal, I didn’t really get into the picture. I tried a landscape for the first time and I’m quite happy with it.

We went skating on the Rideau Canal today with Corey’s brother, sister-in-law, and their kiddies. Ottawa is currently celebrating Winterlude, a festival of three weekends in February. There are many places to stop and get a snack on the canal, but I wasn’t very hungry today (concentrating too much on my skating), so next time we’ll have to get a “beaver tail.” I have been ice-skating maybe once in the past 15 years, and not on a natural body of water since I was 9 years old, so I was very wobbly today. I hope I improve. It was a lot of fun, but I definitely need to break in my skates a bit more before I feel more comfortable. Hopefully we get to go again next weekend! I’ll give my body a chance to rest up a bit, as I am already quite sore. My leg is a bit swollen where one of my skates was digging into it (a malfunction I hope to correct for next time), and Corey ran into my hand as I slipped on the ice at one point, so I have a bruise on the side of my hand. Luckily my glove was on and he wasn’t going very fast, otherwise there might have been an emergency trip to the hospital to reattach my finger.

It has been bitterly cold in the past few weeks, but has warmed up in the past few days. I think we even got above 0 degrees at one point. (To 1 degree at the most.) But it looks like it’ll cool down again this week. I can’t wait for spring! Winter is pretty gorgeous when it looks like this:

Walking around Mud Lake in Ottawa.

But it’s less fun and beautiful on my way up to the bus stop every morning at 7:00 am for work.



Winter did not start out very well for me this year. I think that our second big move to a new city started to take its toll on me just as the days started getting shorter and the nights started getting longer and darker. Usually the early nights don’t bother me in B.C., but this year the increasingly long nights have made a huge impact on my moods.

On a brighter note, the winter solstice has now passed so I can look forward to the days getting longer. As well, this happened:

When I was younger, I liked Christmas because Christmas = presents. My parents and I celebrated Christmas mostly because I wanted to. As I got older, I stopped celebrating Christmas – I don’t have any religious ties to the holiday, and my cynicism over the commercialism of the holiday was at an all-time high during university. In the past few years though, I’ve come to enjoy this time of the year. For my first Christmas with Corey, we celebrated in Saskatoon with his family and it was very different from any Christmas I’ve ever had. Last year, we took a vacation in Thailand to see my parents. This year in Ottawa was our first Christmas together with just the two of us, and I loved it. I made Christmas cookies (5 different kinds), helped out with the children’s Christmas party at work, and got a real tree (my first one!). I think this is the first year that I, as an adult, have discovered something about Christmas that I’ve been missing all along. Although my own parents are overseas right now, it was great to see Corey’s various family members, meet new ones, and have a great Christmas Eve dinner with his brother and sister-in-law and their two very little ones.

In Gatineau Park on Christmas Day.

On Christmas Day, Corey and I woke up, opened presents, ate a delicious breakfast, watched The Lord of the Rings: The Two Towers, did a puzzle, went for a short walk in Parc de la Gatineau, and enjoyed a tortiere for dinner.

So although the beginning of winter was not kind to me, it’s certainly picked up and I’m feeling better about everything in general. On Boxing Day, I picked up some winter running gear. I suspect one contributing factor to why I’m so susceptible to my negative feelings right now is because I’m not getting any exercise, and have been feeling quite sorry for myself. While I’m not packing on the pounds, I can tell that I’m digesting food differently as I get older. I’m quite a tiny person and I know I don’t need to worry about my weight, but I do worry about my health, mentally and physically. Just because I’m not overweight doesn’t mean that I don’t need to worry about what I eat and how I exercise. Well, as a true Canadian, I know I can conquer the Canadian elements and get my exercise outdoors. I’ll keep you updated on my progress. Among my purchases, I bought an amazingly warm pair of comfortable and flattering winter running pants. They are the most comfortable pants I have ever owned, fuzzy on the inside and they keep out the wind. I’m in love. (Really, just ask Corey, as I keep chatting on about those pants everyday since I bought them.)

So now that my winter funk seems to be on its way out, I hope to update my blog a little more often. I borrowed a few non-fiction books from Corey’s friend, received a few for Christmas, accidentally purchased one on my Kindle (luckily it was one I’ve been meaning to read), and I bought the newest Cleopatra: A Life biography by Stacy Schiff from Chapters’ boxing week sale, so I also want to start writing more about books. (Didn’t this blog used to be about critically engaging with texts?)

Finally, I leave you with a view from this evening:

Christmas lights at Parliament Hill.