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WIP: Audrey in Unst, and a terrarium sneak peek.

After finishing my Kirigami, I almost immediately began casting on for the Audrey in Unst by Gudron Johnston. (Yet another pattern from Twist Collective.)

I’ve just finished several rows of 1×1 rib.

1×1 rib is not my favourite thing to do, but it looks so good! I love the colour too – it’s Chickadee in the Peaks Ferry colourway from Quince & Co. It’s so soft and sproingy.

I have to confess something, though. Let’s pull back a bit so I can show it to you.

I was so excited to start knitting with my Quince & Co. wool for the first time, and to finally start this cardigan, that I didn’t even wind up my first ball of yarn. That’s right, I started knitting straight from the hank. Not to worry, I’ll be winding the rest so I can actually bring my project to knit night. Another confession: I knit most of this 1×1 rib while marathoning the show Breakout Kings on Netflix. It’s not my usual style of tv that I enjoy, but I’m hooked.

One other thing I did earlier this week is make a few terrariums. After seeing so many beautiful terrariums on Pinterest, I wanted to make my own. Here’s a little preview.

Ninja is excited about having a place to call home.

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WIP: Scooter Test and Darling Darlington

Two works-in-progress to show off this Wednesday. First off, I’m doing a test knit for Ashley Knits (Wonk on Ravelry). She’s designed a cute little turtle stuffie so I volunteered to be a test knitter. You can see her original Scooter here. Mine is coming along really well so far! Here’s Scooter lying on the operating table waiting for fin attachment surgery:

And here he is with one front fin. He’s looking forward to having three more fins so he can go for a swim. Some eyes would be useful as well.

Coincidentally, the other project I have is also designed by Ashley. Behold, one finished Darlington sock and enough to warm my toes on the second:

I used Elizabeth Zimmerman’s sewn bindoff for the first time, and it’s really stretchy! I wish I had tried it before on some other projects that required stretchy bindoffs.

This morning I finished sewing my Minoru jacket; photos to come. I just love it and can’t wait to wear it outside. The weather’s finally turned to spring in Ottawa so it’s currently raining outside and washing away the months and months’ worth of snow. It feels so amazing to have above zero degree weather coincide with the time change as well. Everything feels so much warmer and brighter already!

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WIP: Kirigami & Wetherell.

I’ve got two Twist Collective patterns on the go at the moment.

First up is the Wetherell sweater, which I began before Christmas. I’ve finished the front, and now I’m working on finishing the back. After that, the sleeves and the seaming! I might go with 3/4 length sleeves rather than full-length.

Second is the Kirigami sweater, which I began last night! It’s a breeze so far and I love the single-row stripes, which are achieved on pieces worked flat by sliding the stitches back across the needle to knit with the second colour.

I am very happy with the mustard yellow and light heathery brown combination. I didn’t want as high a contrast of colours in the original sweater, and I think these colours balance each other nicely.

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WIP: Cruiser & Honey Cowl

I’m still not finished my Cruiser mitts, but they are on their way to becoming real mitts. Apologies for the poorly-lit photography.

Knitting thumbs is pretty important for winter mitts, you know.

I was browsing through some cowl patterns last night, admiring the Honey Cowl and pondering which yarn I could use for that from my stash. It hit me: last year I received a gorgeous skein of pink/brown/white wool that had been part of SweetGeorgia Yarns‘ fibre club. I had it stashed for over a year because I couldn’t figure out the right pattern to show off the colours without looking too busy and overwhelming because the colourways are quite short.

I love those colours. Although I don’t believe in gender specific colours, I have to confess I love pink. I don’t love it because it’s a girly colour; I just think the hue of a dark pink is beautiful. It’s not a colour you often see in nature except in flora or certain vegetables. A vivid dark pink makes me very happy. Paired with the greyish browns and balanced by the white in this skein, I’m looking forward to seeing how the finished project turns out.

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WIP: Cruiser.

I thought I’d try something new on this blog: WIP Wednesdays. If you’re not a knitterly type, “WIP” stands for Work In Progress, and WIP Wednesdays was developed over at Tami’s Amis blog.

I’m working on the Cruiser Mitts to be gifted. After I finish the mitts I’ll knit a lining for them. They’re made out of Cascade Eco Wool, which I love. (Actually, this wool is left over from my Owls sweater.)

This is an incredibly easy pattern with a simple and easy to memorize cable pattern. Actually, it’d be a great beginner’s cabling project. Plus, with the eco wool, it’s knitting up fast.

I still need to sew a button and clasp onto my Boundless cape, but I hope to have it posted soon!

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